Scandinavian Living Room Ideas

Increasingly popular, Scandinavian interior design styles emphasize a clean and serene simplicity that’s universal in appeal. Fully functional and minimal to a degree, Scandinavian décor highlights organic shapes with subtle interest, tonal textural plays, and a relaxed appeal in all-white spaces with gray undertones. Hints of color are brought in via art and a single textile such as a small throw or rug.

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The birth of the Scandinavian style is given as a response to the long winters where the lighting of the homes is reduced. With the use of light colors and wooden furniture, people managed to keep the lighting at an acceptable level, while looking warm.

In this way, Scandinavian decoration reflects the emotions of the owner through simple ideas. Those who seek to enter the minimalist decoration will find in this appearance an answer.

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Although we can use the Scandinavian concepts in many parts of the home, they adapt perfectly to the living room, since they allow us to enjoy more space to recreate.

Textiles are a good way to start the decoration section. A small carpet under the coffee table will give us a cozy atmosphere. Remember that we are dealing with a set that fights the cold, so we cannot leave any sofa uncovered.

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Keep the floor visible

You can use some small carpets to create points where people should place their feet in cold temperatures, but you should avoid installing one that covers the entire floor. Because the traditional Scandinavian floor is made of wood, it already stands out on its own.

Create time to relax

Avoid placing technological implements in this Scandinavian room. Keep it as rustic as possible by installing bookcases with chairs to read for hours. There is nothing cozier than a cup of tea next to a fireplace with a good book.

Maintain a natural design

The shapes should be kept simple, with rounded edges and natural materials. A mix between what was seen at the beginning of the century and the modern style. It is important to maintain a functional design when selecting furniture, leaving free spaces to walk and work.

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Bring nature to your home

You have to put nature into your living room. The best way is through flowers and plants of great beauty inside pots. A Copenhagen inhabitant once said that flowers in a Scandinavian interior are not optional, but part of the essence that is sought.

Remember the importance of open spaces

When it comes to ordering, Scandi living rooms are special. You have to keep everything in place to take advantage of every open space. This area will be perfect for small decorations that will help us organize ourselves better. Let’s say we are missing a couple of shelves to store things. If everything is neat, we can easily install shelves.

Keeping open spaces is the way to start changing your life to a Scandinavian appearance. It seems a small change, but ordering the room is a great start to have productive areas. Our mind must remain open to new styles where functionality is paramount.

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The last touch you should install is the photos. No Scandinavian wall is ready if multiple portraits and photographs are not placed in old tones (black and white, sepia, pastel colors). Install the photos inside gold frames or aged wood and you will have an entire art gallery.

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A peaceful and warm style

It seems strange to many people that such tasteless rooms are so famous. The Scandinavian style is not easy to digest since the color palette and the materials used make it appear that we are facing a rigid and cold home.

Nothing is more distant from reality since you have to know how to search for warmth in this style. The classic pieces and the modern ones must be balanced, all to create harmony within the home.

This list of Scandinavian living room ideas is just a guide that will help you achieve the balance that you need in your home, the rest of the work will depend on the tests you perform.

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